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Vacuum Cleaner

Enjoy a Cleaner & Healthier Home with a Central Vacuum System

When our central vacuum system comes in contact with any dust or dirt, it takes in 100%, and it stays contained within the system — traveling through pipes in your house ending up in the bottom of a bucket.

Reduce Allergens

Allergens such as dust mites, pollen and mold being rapidly transported outside your home can only serve to reduce health problems brought about by sensitivities to particles that make their way indoors. Scientific studies give clinical proof that our systems can bring about significant improvement in your and your family's health. Please see our Healthy Home page for more information and a link to more detailed information on our clinical study.

Never Buy an Upright Vacuum Again!

Our central vacuum system is hands-down, the best value. It is built to last for the life of your home with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Let us help you save money on the purchase of numerous upright vacuums through the years.

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